A downloadable DIOMEDA for Windows

DIOMEDA is 2D Top Down game taking place in 2100. Gather transformations with the power of Assimilate and change your environment with the Alter. Survive to the scientist trials and uncover the truth behind those experiments...

 IMPORTANT : To enjoy the game at his fullest we advise you to use a controller.

Created by :

Kevin Ibanez -  Game Designer, Lead Programer

Michel Canet - Game/Level Designer

Jérémy Real - Game/Level Designer, Narrative Designer

Arthur Manoux - Game Designer, Programer

Luc Chavansot - Game/Level Designer, 2D Artist, UI Designer, Narrative Designer

Michael Jouchoux - Game/Level Designer

Updated 17 days ago
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Sci-fi, Top-Down

Install instructions

Unzip the file, open it, launch diomeda.exe and have fun ^^


Diomeda_Build_Ver1.0.zip 86 MB

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